about us


Sojourn is an elevated motorcycle gear brand for the modern female motorcyclist. Born out of a passion for riding and personal style, we want to create space for any woman who rides to feel confident, safe, empowered and celebrated in the motorcycle industry. Sojourn sees a huge opportunity in the growing segment of the female motorcyclists and seeks to be part of the change in how women are treated and interacted within the motorsports world. We are dedicated to designing innovative, safe, and stylish motorcycle gear for the modern female motorcycle enthusiast. 


Established in 2022.

about the founder

Bren Louise

Brenna’s interest in motorcycles first peaked in 2018 while she was on a sojourn in Vietnam. Riding scooters in Hanoi and through Northern Vietnam convinced her that one day she had to get on a motorcycle.

A year later and back home, she had her license, and like most women first starting out, headed straight to her local motorcycle shop for gear. Gear was initially one of the reasons Brenna was unsure about getting into riding in the first place. It looked bulky and uncomfortable, and she didn’t really feel like she resonated with much of the industry. A little dream started that first day in the motorcycle gear shop as she realized that there was opportunity for a female gear brand that felt like an extension of her own wardrobe.

You’ll often find Brenna outdoors or on the dance floor - a lover of travel, chocolate chip cookies, hiking, motorcycling, and photography, Brenna is ultimately inspired by her west-coast upbringing in Vancouver, BC.