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Measurements true to size. With help from the Sojourn team, there were able to help me pick the right size for me and they fit and feel great! Love the adjustable waist! Very comfortable to ride in!


Amazing quality!! Definitely worth it

Amazing! Quality, fit & customer service

Do it. Yes. I'm here to tell you these are a staple in your riding gear closet. I ordered the olive green cargo pants in a size 6. I'm 5'2", 135lbs, 28" waist, 36" hips. They fit like a glove without flattening the booty. When you are riding, the knee pads slip right into place. They are super flattering and comfortable. The waist can be cinched in a bunch so order based on hip measurements. They are breathable enough to not be hot but thick enough to cut the wind. I love these! Will likely buy the black too.

Ana Carver
The Perfect Riding Pants

I’ve been riding for almost 6 years and I have yet to find pants that fit as well as these. They are super comfortable but also tough enough for my safety. True to size!

My hunt is over at long last!

I have been riding for almost 3 years and in that time I have been on the search for the perfect pair of womens moto pants. Honestly after 3 years I had stopped looking for perfect and was ready to settle for good quality and don't feel like crap when I sit on my bike. I have bought a number of womens and mens pants from Revzilla, cycle gear, and other moto wear sellers and been unhappy with all of them. I has easily tried on hundreds of pairs of pants and had basically resigned myself to never being completely satisfied.
My main issue is that when the pants are good quality material/design they NEVER fit me. They will either fit my waist and be way too tight in the legs/butt or they fit in the legs/butt and are gappy and loose in the waist. I HATE having a waist gap in the back when I sit down.
I was initially hesitant to spend so much on a pair of these moto pants as they aren't very popular and don't have a ton of reviews but after much debate I decided to take a risk and hope that it works out. And boy did it work out! I am incredibly happy with these, not to be dramatic but I literally almost cried when I put them on! The craftsmanship and attention to detail on every aspect of these is insane. I would have been happy with them just fitting me but I am so happy with how they look too! So comfortable even with the hip/knee pads in they fit wonderfully. I would not hesitate to recommend these to my biker girl friends and I look forward to buying more pants from Sojourn in the future!
If you are still on the fence about buying these, trust a fellow doubter-turned-advocate, these are really top-notch!! Please disregard the cat hair in my photos lol, I couldn't find my lint-roller...